There are numerous varieties of woodpecker that every have an appearance that is slightly different. Probably the most familiar woodpecker could be the Pileated Woodpecker, with a black-body, white and black wings along with a scarlet crest at the top of its head. The bird’s beak are dark and possesses a white-face having a black-line around the eyes. A costume can be made by a fit a play, for Halloween or dressup outfit. This outfit will work for both kids and people. Make the costume at least one morning ahead of time to allow the required time for that assembly of the costume and for the stick. Materials Measuring tape Black felt Scissors Measuring tape Dark sweatshirt Dark, white and red feathers Glue and hotglue gun sticks Baseball hat that is black Dark leggings or trousers Shoes that are dark Bright and face paint that is black Design Measure the distance between arm and the shoulder of the person who may use the outfit. Make sure you have all materials onhand before starting the outfit building. Cut right out two side styles from black felt. Produce the wings as extensive as the description between hand and the shoulder.

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Cut one extended fringe of the side shape right into a sample that is wavy to appear like feathers. Wings were felt by stick the to the sleeves of the sweatshirt. Stick a mixture of feathers that are white and black towards the top of the side parts. Reduce a tail piece from dark thought. Create the tail-piece 12 inches wide and about 24-inches long. Reduce one short-end right into a feather pattern that is curly as you did for that wings. Stick dark feathers to the tail piece. Stuff down the tail-piece to the hem of the sweatshirt, area that is curly.

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Stick red feathers in a upright situation much like a mohawk towards the the baseball cap’s top. This may symbolize the red overhead about the woodpeckers brain. The statement of the hat can be the beak. Wear the dark slacks and dark shoes. Placed on the sweatshirt on the my latest blog addition shorts. Place the hat over your mind. Paint your face with white face color. Paint a point that is horizontal that is black across that person across the vision brand in the outside spot of the attention for the temples. The woodpecker has a dark stripe like this in the part of every vision that may really enable complete the outfit.

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